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Export VM from OVMM into OCI

These are screen shots of importing a VM from OVMM cluster into OCI. Some call it lift-and-shift. Example is for import of SVN server, ver 1.6.11, running OL6.6. Once in OCI, the OS is OL6.10.

This is done using Oracle VM Exporter Appliance. So first download Oracle VM Exporter Appliance Open Virtualization Appliance (OVA), create VM Exporter Appliance virtual machine, and configure VM Exporter Appliance virtual machine.

In ovmm, right click on VM, and "export to oci".

Verify, looking at summary.

During import process, follow the logs.

After import, likely you won't be able to SSH to OCI computer, since it still has on-prem IP.
Hence, create OCI computer console, login in via it, and fix network, hostname, etc.

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