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Installing Observium Unix agent and adding Linux system to Observium

If you want to add Linux system to Observium then Linux system needs Linux agent running on it.
Linux Agent is a script which return statistical data for a Linux host. 
The SNMP is still required on a Linux box with the agent, the agent simply provides additional data which can't be accessed via SNMP.
So have these installed on Linux system:
Have the SNMP config file like this:
# cat /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
# from:

com2sec readonly  default         etcfstab-public
group MyROGroup v1         readonly
group MyROGroup v2c        readonly
group MyROGroup usm        readonly
view all    included  .1                               80
access MyROGroup ""      any       noauth    exact  all    none   none
syslocation server_room_300
#This line allows Observium to detect the host OS if the distro script is installed
extend . distro /usr/bin/distro
 Start snmp service. 
# service snmpd start
Starting snmpd:                         [  OK  ]

# service snmpd status
snmpd (pid  11760) is running...

# chkconfig snmpd on
# chkconfig --list snmpd
snmpd   0:off   1:off   2:on    3:on    4:on    5:on    6:off
From Observium server, copy the file /opt/observium/scripts/distro to your Linux server in /usr/bin/distro 

Restart snmpd

# service snmpd restart  

And add Linux system to Observium via web interface. 

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