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JFrog Artifactory


Company Jfrog developed the artifactory application.
Artifactory is tool to host artifacts (mostly binary files) for a factory (software developemnt). It's one of central places for DevOps processes.
All artifacts (rpm, iso, images, etc) usually are put into and pulled from Artifactory.


It's great when a vendor provides Docker image of an application.
Artifactory 6.x CE Docker images can be pulled from Bintray and run as a Docker container.

$ docker pull

$ docker images
REPOSITORY                                   TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED       SIZE   latest    82ca33a84e75   8 days ago    1.55GB

Run the container.

$ docker run --name artifactory -d -p 8082:8082

$ docker ps
CON ID IMAGE                                             COMMAND           PORTS                            NAME                   
268b0e "/entrypoint-art" 8081/tcp,>8082/tcp artifactory

The access URL is:


Default login credentials are root / password.

Once you login, the app asks you to chnage password.

Additionally, provide base URL, like http://<your-docker-engine>:8082

Next is to create repository for artifacts.

Create users, and groups of users who can access the repo.

Provide permissions, this concludes the setup.


Now we can deploy artifacts, like ISO and rpm files.

And a URL to the repo from where files are downloaded are like:


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