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Ansible role for LDAP DSEE configuration


This is update (or new version) of work explained here:
This is Ansible role for configuring LDAP DSEE (Directory Server Enterprise Edition) client. Supported clients are: Oracle Linux 5-8, OVS 3 and Solaris 11.


This is designed to work with specific CMDB (won't be explained here). For now, it's good to know that inventory file is generated from CMDB. The host entry looks like:
<hostname> ansible_ssh_user=root ansible_ssh_pass=<passwd> site=<site/region> project=<project-name> project_usage=<host-usage>

So, a host has CMDB attributes (site, project, project_usage, etc) that can be used as Ansible variables. In general, these attributes can define different configurations, say each site/region can have its own LDAP server, automounts, etc.

Role code


This is the playbook that calls this role.
- name: LDAP DSEE config for linux, playbook
  hosts: all
  gather_facts: false
  become: yes
    - role: ldap-dsee
Run it with the command:
ansible-playbook -i inventory-file ldap.ymp

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