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ILOM (Integrated Lights Out Manager) for x86

ILOM comes with certain Sun servers (x86 architecture, not SPARC).

With ILOM you can manage your machine independently of the OS. The ILOM is equivalent of ALOM for SPARC. See doc about ALOM .

ILOM has: Okay, of course you want to setup IP for ILOM so you can access it remotely. Yeah, but first you need to setup console connection.

I am using CSWconserver.

ILOM serial port setting is usually:
-> show host
        commitpending = (Cannot show property)
        pendingspeed = 9600
        speed = 9600

Basically, you can see that setting has 2 properties: pending and active. ILOM is currently using active one and this is read-only. During change, you update pending setting and later do set commitpending=true and if needed reset /SP .

Reset SP does not reset the OS.

Oh yes, if you have trouble to login to ILOM, try default credentials root/changeme.

See picture how to switch between the console and OS. Yes, use ESC and (

Reminder: with ALOM (SPARC systems) it is # and . (dot)

Once you are in, there are tons of work you can do. After configuring IP for ILOM you may find out that using WebGUI is easier, but let.s here do some examples from CLI.

1. Adding new account with administrator privileges.

-> cd /SP/users

-> create admin   
Creating user...
Enter new password: **********
Enter new password again: **********
Created /SP/users/admin

-> set admin role=administrator  
Set 'role' to 'administrator'

2. /SYS is actually your host or OS (/SP is your hardware)

So you have next options here, to turn on the OS, stop it or reset. Don't be confused, once you connect power cables to the machine, the ILOM is available to you.
Correct, you don't need to push on any button to start/stop system. You can perform this using command below.
This is great if machine has to be relocated in remote office, so you can gracefully shut it down, wait until others move it, and turn it on again.

-> start /SYS
-> stop /SYS
-> reset /SYS

3. Finally setup network parameters.

-> cd /SP/network
-> set pendingipaddress=192.168.0.etc
-> set pendingipnetmask=
-> set pendingipgateway=
-> set pendingipdiscovery=static
-> set commitpending=true
-> reset /SP

I.ll stop here with examples. Please check what.s your ILOM version, some commands may be different.

Also check WebGUI. For example, I find much easier using it for ILOM/firmware upgrade then using CLI.

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