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Jumpstart server setup - for SPARC client

Jumpstart installation method is CLI that enables automatic installation of the OS on remote systems. 

It is using:
1. profile text file (defines software to be installed)
2. rules text file (defines rules/steps for install) 
3. scripts for pre and post install tasks
4. sysidcfg (configuration information)

Note: Sun provides 'check' script that you run to verify rule file, if everything okay, script will generate rules.ok file. 
Basically this works like: 

1. Jumpstart reads rules.ok file 
2. Jumpstart finds profile in rules.ok and use it for installation
3. If rule(s) doesn't match, regular interactive installation occurs. 

Let's do some exercises and examples in creating Jumpstart server. 

One machine will be use as Boot, Install and Profile server. 

NOTE: this doc assumes client is SPARC, not x86 machine!

Jumpstart Directory

First you need Jumpstart directory that is accessible over network. 

Say it is /jumpstart

Share it (add line to /etc/dfs/dfstab file)
share -F nfs -o ro,anon=0 -d "Jumpstart_Share" /jumpstart
Run command:
# shareall

Installing Jumpstart Server

Mount Solaris distribution (DVD or NFS location) and run command:  
# /mnt/Solaris_10/Tools# ./setup_install_server /jumpstart/sparc 
Verifying target directory...
Calculating the required disk space for the Solaris_10 product
Calculating space required for the installation boot image
Copying the CD image to disk...
Copying Install Boot Image hierarchy...
Copying /boot netboot hierarchy...
Install Server setup complete

Bootparams file

SPARC client uses /etc/bootparams (located on the Jumpstart server) file to boot. 

This file will be populated with clients using script add_install_client (located in same directory as setup_install_server script).

Example how file looks:
client_hostname \       
root=servername:/jumpstart/sparc/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot \
        install=servername:/jumpstart/sparc \
        boottype=:in   \
        sysid_config=servername:/jumpstart/config/client_hostname \
        install_config=servername:/jumpstart/config/client_hostname \

Rules file

Example of the file  use & (logical AND) to join keywords/values in same rule: 
# rules keyword & values   begin script  profile    finish script
hostname unixlab && arch sparc   -    profile     finish_script
And verify the rules file:
/jumpstart/config/client_hostname # ./check
Validating rules...
Validating profile profile...
The custom JumpStart configuration is ok.
Note: check Sun docs for other rule's keywords/values.

Begin (Bourne shell) script

Here you place action to be performed before Solaris software is installed. 

After installation, logs will be in /var/sadm/system/logs/begin.log

Profile file

This file defines how to install software. Check Sun docs for many profiles' keywords/values. 

Example of profile with comments:
# keyword		value
# ============================

# Keyword install_type is MANDATORY
install_type    initial_install

# If system_type omitted, standalone will be also used
system_type     standalone

# Cluster is collection of packages that makes functional unit. 
# Meta-cluster is collection of clusters and packages that creates configuration.
# They are listed in /mnt/Solaris_10/Product/.clustertoc file.
# If add/delete is not specified, add is used 
cluster     SUNWCreq
cluster 	SUNWCdhcp       add
cluster 	SUNWC-name      add  nfs server:/servername/path

# partitioning - Defines how disk is divided in slices
# Must be combined with keyword filesys
partitioning    explicit
filesys         rootdisk.s0     4096    /
filesys         rootdisk.s1     4096    swap
filesys         rootdisk.s3     4096    /var
filesys         rootdisk.s4     4096   /usr
filesys         rootdisk.s5     free    /backup
filesys         rootdisk.s7     256

# Creating SVM Mirror and State Database Replica
#filesys         mirror:d10      c1t0d0s0 c1t1d0s0     4096      /
#filesys         mirror 	 c1t0d0s1 c1t1d0s1     4096    	swap
#filesys         mirror:d30      c1t0d0s3 c1t1d0s3     4096      /usr
#filesys         mirror:d40      c1t0d0s4 c1t1d0s4     4096      /var
#filesys         mirror:d50      c1t0d0s5 c1t1d0s5     free      /backup
#metadb          c1t0d0s7        count   3
#metadb          c1t1d0s7        count   3

Finish (Bourne shell) script

This performs action after Solaris software is installed but before system reboots. 
It's ideal for installing third party software, setting root's password, etc. 

After installation, logs will be in /var/sadm/system/logs/finish.log

Note that file system remains mounted on /a until system reboots. 

Required services on the Jumpstart server

Make sure that three necessary services are running on jumpstart server. 


Server must be on same subnet as client, since client bootparam request packet has TTL=1 (can't cross gateway).
Also RARP doesn't transmit network/router information. 

SPARC client installation

See  the link  how to add SPARC client to Jumpstart server. 
Then go to the OpenBoot (ok) prompt and boot from network: 

ok boot net -v - install
- more info to be added later?!
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