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LDoms on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240


It is the third generation Chip Multithreading Technology (CMT) Ultra SPARC 2T Plus CPU. I did work on this configuration : 128 virtul CPUs, 64GB RAM, 16 cryptographic units (MAU) and total of 16 hard disks.

Why we need them

Drive up utilization and consolidate workloads with built-in virtualization technology - Logical Domains LDoms.

How to install LDoms - control one

Get the file from Sun, unzip it and you'll get directory LDoms_Manager-1_1
Go to LDoms_Manager-1_1/Install and run the command install-ldm -d none
In this way, you'll not harden your system using Solaris Security Toolkit drive, otherwise you may not be able to login agan.
And now you'll have 2 new dirs in /opt - SUNWldm and SUNWjass.

Also don't forget to add /opt/SUNWldm/bin in PATH and /opt/SUNWldm/man in MANPATH
Make sure service svc:/ldoms/ldmd:default is running.
Okay, so 'primary' is now your control domain and will take care of all other LDoms.

Now it's time to install Virtual I/O to primary control domain. Primary still has all resources [factory default], so let's allocate some to it and free others for guest LDoms.
All this make primary to be in delayed configuration, so save configuration first and poweroff/poweron.

How to install guest LDoms

okay, so now we need to install guest LDoms. Here is one option:

The zfs root is installed on first 2 HDDs (mirror zpool, disks are 146G).
Additional 6 zpool are created (mirror of 2 HDDs, each 73G) and 2 disks are spare. So it will be 4 LDoms, and 2 of them will use 2 zpool(s).

So variables used in this setup are for example:
ZPOOL = poolweb, poolwebdata, poolmail, poolmaildata, poolqa, pooldev
ZVOLUME = poolweb_vol, poolwebdata_vol, poolmail_vol, poolmaildata_vol, poolqa_vol, pooldev_vol
Note: Coresponding {$ZVOLUME} is zfs volume in ${ZPOOL}
SUB_NAME = dmz, sub1, sub2, bk (T5240 has builtin NIC with 4 ports nxge0-3)

Now we have LDoms, there are many ways to install the OS. Say use jumpstart installation ( boot net -v - install from 'ok') or create zfs snapshot from 'reference' system, boot from cdrom and restore zfs snapshot to LDom.

Let's try second option, so having zfs snapshot, booting from cdrom and restoring zfs snapshot.

ZPOOL = root_pool Some good images ...

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