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StorEdge 6120

Basic Array info

One tray is kind of divided in 2 parts, each part can have max 7 disk drives, so max is 14 hard disks for the fully equipped tray. An array can have max of 6 trays.
The tray can be master unit (has controller card) or expansion unit.
The Fibre Channel connection is 2Gbit/s.
Approximately 200Mbytes is reserved for system info (contains file system info, boot firmware, configuration, etc). The data is mirrored across all 14 drives so can be easily recovered.
This means that if you want to replace disks, you must do one by one - see this page


There can be max two (2) volumes per tray. A volume has more disk drives in RAID configuration (stripe set -0, mirror -1 and stripe set with parity -5). Drives in one volume must be in adjacent position. Please do not forget to specify hot spare disk drive for each volume, it will make your life much easier one day.

Volume slices

An array (1-6 trays) can have max 64 slices.
Volume exists wholly within one tray, so any slice also exists within one tray.


Each slice can be mapped to one specific LUN, so you can have max of 64 LUNs.
A host sees array as raw storage, like disk drive on the network.
A host (actually WWN of host's FC card) is given access to a LUN with permission, like read-only, read-write or none.

Thanks to Sun Handbook for such a great picture :)

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