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StorEdge 6130


The StorEdge 6130 is 2Gb/s Fibre Channel array. It has a controller and can be expanded with max of 7 additional trays (all behind one controller). 
The max number of hard disk per tray is 14 (min is 5 but I cannot imagine that someone wants to have empty slots :)

Management Software

This one is the web base software for configuration and management, but also has CLI. It is called Common Array Manager (latest ver.  


Storage Automated Diagnostic Environments (StorADE) is used for this purpose. It is accessible from web browser or CLI. 

Data host software

It consists of: 
1. StorEdge SAN Foundation Kit (SFK) (part of OS) which managing I/O connection between host/array.  
2. StorEdge Traffic manager s/w which provides Multipathing (has multipath MPxIO driver). 

Connecting management host

This host will manage array over out-of-band network (I guess your company beside data subnet also has management one or more, like backup subnet or DMZ). 
The 6130 comes with two Ethernet ports. 

Connecting data host 

This one can be connected using FC cables directly to the 6130 or over FC switches. 

The 6130 comes with two RAID controllers and each has 2 FC ports (host1/2). 
Basically if you wand to directly connect the 6130 to a host (with dual HBAs), connect each controller (port host1) to each host's HBA. 

So if in future you want to connect second host to 6130, you can use port host2 on controllers.  
If you connect to switches, you can connect each controller to two different switches. 

Powering down the 6130

Always stop all I/O between host(s) and array (like unmount file system). 

Wait for say 2 minutes for disks LEDs to stop flashing. 

If you have expansion trays, first power off controller tray. 

Thanks to Sun Handbook for such a great picture

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