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StorEdge 6130 - installing Common Array Manager

The CAM can be downloaded from Sun sites (make sure you take correct file, either for SPARC or x86). 

It consists of: web console, CLI, firmware for array, StorADE and SFK (has multipath MPxIO driver).

This link should work, I think it will ask you for Sun account before download, hope you have it. 

Okay, so now you have the file (for example host_sw_solaris_x86_6.4.1.5.tar.gz). It is about 500MB. 

Gunzip it:
# gunzip host_sw_solaris_x86_6.4.1.5.tar.gz
Extract it
# tar -xvf host_sw_solaris_x86_6.4.1.5.tar
Go to newly created directory HostSoftwareCD_6.4.1.5 Check README.txt file. It tells you to use RunMe.bin -c for CLI installation (without -c is for GUI). As you can guess, I use with -c. You will see the screen ...
Sun StorageTek(TM) Common Array Manager 6.4.1

The InstallShield Wizard will install Sun StorageTek(TM)
Common Array Manager on your computer.

To continue, choose Next.
     Sun StorageTek(TM) Common Array Manager 6.4.1
     Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Press 1 for Next, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1]
Of course, you will read and accept the license agreement! Chose Custom installation for advanced users.
Please choose from the following options:
[X] 1 - Management Host Software without GUI
[ ] 2 - Data Host Proxy Agent
[ ] 3 - Administrator Host CLI Client
Actually if you select typical installation, it will install all components. And you are hoping that installation results are like below:
View results:
Installation success.
The following have been installed:

Management Host Software, Data Host Proxy Agent, and Administrator Host CLI
To access the Browser User Interface point a browser at:
The logs may be found in /var/sadm/install/se6000/ 
One note here: 1. Management Host Software without GUI - contains array firmware, local/remote CLI, Web interface 2. Data Host Proxy Agent - install this on data host if you need in-band management over data LAN. CAM (on management host) talks with Proxy Agent (on data host) and Proxy Agent passes request to array over data path. 3. Administrator Host CLI Client - this is remote CLI for communication with host with CAM core s/w installed. Check the file /var/sadm/install/se6000/se6000_Host_SW.log to see detailed info about installed packages and patches. Go to https://yourhostname:6789 and this is it. Good documentation can be found in /dir-where-you-extracted/HostSoftwareCD_6.4.1.5/doc/ Some extra steps if needed - adding CLI directory to the path.
# setenv PATH /opt/se6x20/cli/bin:$PATH
# printenv
Start using management s/w One of the first things to be done with web interface is filling site and contact information. There is also option for Auto Service Request, which monitors systems and notify Sun Tech Support in case of critical events. I declined this one, since sometimes I do nasty test with arrays and do not want Sun to check on me. Check site/contact information using CLI
# /opt/SUNWstkcam/bin> ./sscs list site
*Company Name       : Company
*Site Name          : Office code
Address             :
Address 2           :
Mail Stop           :
*City               : San Francisco
State               :
Zip Code            :
*Country            : USA
*Contact First Name : Ugljesa
*Contact Last Name  : Dudic
Telephone Number    :
Extension           :
*Contact Email      :
CLI (See document: Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager CLI Guide - Part No. 820-6662-10) The CLI can be installed as local (on data host) or remote one (on management host). If you installed all components, you will have both CLI in two different locations. Local CLI: /opt/SUNWstkcam/bin (binary file) - no login required. Remote CLI: /opt/SUNWsesscs/cli/bin (shell script) - yes, you need to login to the host where CAM is installed. Check/verify what did you install.
# /opt/SUNWstkcam/bin> ./sscs list mgmt-sw
Application Name:   "Sun StorageTek(TM) Common Array Manager"
User:               local
Current Logins:     0
Server:             localhost
Server OS:          SunOS
Server OS Version:  5.10
Product Version:
Build Date:         May 14, 2009
Install Info: Build 411 (CBEM_ongoing-090514-231905, 4145)
Critical Alarms:    0
Down Alarms:        0
Major Alarms:       1
Minor Alarms:       0
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