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StorEdge 6130 - using command 'sscs'

You can choose whether to use web interface or CLI while working with 6130. 

First you want to register an array. 

To do one at a time: 
#/opt/SUNWstkcam/bin> ./sscs add -i 192.168.etc.etc registeredarray

Name Type Network Address Serial Number
---- ---- --------------- --------------------------
bond 6130  SUN.54062390150.0551AWF026	
Or try to automatically discover all arrays on same subnet as host where you run sscs.
# /opt/SUNWstkcam/bin> ./sscs add -d registeredarray
See pics just to get some idea about web interface. CAM has firmware for 6130, so if your array has older version, CAM will tell you about that when register the array. Below you can see that firmware is not at baseline to match version of CAM. The web interface is now convenient to proceed with upgrade.
# /opt/SUNWstkcam/bin> ./sscs list -a array_hostname firmware
Analyzing array bond,(,200400a0b817359a

Controller: Some FRUs not at baseline.
Name                 Model       Current     Baseline
Tray.00.Controller.A CSM100_R_FC
Tray.00.Controller.B CSM100_R_FC

Disk: Some FRUs not at baseline.
Name             Model           Current Baseline
Tray.00.Drive.01 MAS3735F SUN72G 0701    Unknown
Tray.00.Drive.02 ST373207FSUN72G 055A    055A
Tray.00.Drive.03 MAP3735F SUN72G 1601    Unknown
Tray.00.Drive.04 MAP3735F SUN72G 1601    Unknown
Tray.00.Drive.05 ST373207FSUN72G 055A    055A
Tray.00.Drive.06 MAP3735F SUN72G 1601    Unknown
Tray.00.Drive.07 MAP3735F SUN72G 1601    Unknown
Tray.00.Drive.08 ST373207FSUN72G 055A    055A
Tray.00.Drive.09 ST373207FSUN72G 055A    055A
Tray.00.Drive.10 MAP3735F SUN72G 1601    Unknown
Tray.00.Drive.11 ST373207FSUN72G 055A    055A
Tray.00.Drive.12 MAP3735F SUN72G 1601    Unknown
Tray.00.Drive.13 ST373207FSUN72G 055A    055A
Tray.00.Drive.14 MAP3735F SUN72G 1601    Unknown

System/NVSRAM: All FRUs at baseline
Name Model Current          Baseline
bond 6130  N288X-660843-003 N288X-660843-003
Listing alarms gives you also info about old firmware on your array.
#/opt/SUNWstkcam/bin> ./sscs list alarm
Alarm Id    : alarm2
Severity    : Major
Type        : 6130.RevisionDeltaEvent
Topic       : bond
Event Code  : 48.75.42
Date        : 2009-08-01 18:32:47
Device      : bond[SUN.54062390150.0551AWF026]
Description : Tray.00.Controller.B is at revision "" baseline version is ""
Tray.00.Controller.A is at revision "" baseline version is ""
Check other "list" command you can use:
#/opt/SUNWstkcam/bin> ./sscs list array
Array: bond
#/opt/SUNWstkcam/bin> ./sscs list devices
Monitored On Device Type IP Address     WWN              Active ASR
------------ ------ ---- -------------- ---------------- ------ ---
gita         bond   6130 200400a0b817359a Y      N
#/opt/SUNWstkcam/bin> ./sscs list -a array_hostname disk
Tray: 0    Disk: t0d01
  Capacity:       68.366 GB
  Type:           Fibre Channel
  Speed (RPM):    15000
  Status:         Optimal
  State:          Enabled
  Role:           Data
  Virtual Disk:   1
  Firmware:       0701
  Serial number:  0004398010Y7
  WWN:            50:00:00:E0:10:AA:E6:50
(etc. show all 14 disks)
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