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StorEdge A1000 RAID controller

Hopefully you are not using this old storage any more, in case you do, here are some facts you may find useful.

A1000 hardware RAID controller can be used as single unit or together in chain (max 10 units). For optimal performance chain only 3 of them. If you chain make sure each A1000 has different SCSI target ID. The switch for this is on rear side [from 0-15].

Note: D1000 is Just Bunch Of Disks [JBOD], does not have RAID controller.

The RAID Manager s/w that comes with A1000 (runs on the host) will identify drives as follow:

12-drive system
[2,0] [2,1] [2,2] [2,3] [2,4] [2,5] and [1,0] [1,1] [1,2] [1,3] [1,4] [1,5]

Your may have less then 12 drives, so check manual if needed.

If you do not have 12 drives, make sure you have dummy drives to fill empty slots, so A1000 can cool properly, okay?

The battery is very important, since in case of power outage allows data to be copied from controller's cache memory to disks. The life is 2 years. Please check how long is shelf life (I guess 2 years), since I have seen people stock batteries in the office and when time comes for replacement, the shelf life is over. So if you need new one, just call Sun and get replacement (make sure Sun contract is valid one).

And of course, the brain of A1000 is RAID controller that provides management services.

Thanks to Sun Handbook for such a great picture
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