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Battery replacement on StorEdge A1000

Health check of RAID modules says batteries have to be replaced.
#  healthck -a  
atlant1_12x36:            Battery Alert 
atlant2_12x36:            Battery Alert
healthck succeeded!
List Array devices
#  lad  
c1t5d0 1T04676812 LUNS: 0 
c2t5d0 1T20890698 LUNS: 0
Note that you should also see these 2 device with 'format' command.

See battery age
#  raidutil -c c1t5d0 -B  
LUNs found on c1t5d0.
LUN 0    RAID 5    346928 MB
Battery age is between 630 days and 720 days. 
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