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Create iSCSI LUN on ZFS storage appliance


With iSCSI you export block device over network, here is how to create iSCSI LUN on ZFS applinace ZS3-2, using Web interface.

Identify host IQN

An IQN (iSCSI Qualified Name) is used to identify a host to a ZFS storage.

[root@host]# cat /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi

Setup CHAP authentication

Maybe next time!?

Define iSCSI target and target group

A target group is created on ZFS storage to define ports and protocols, this is for a LUN to be accessed by a server. Here, target group contains a LUN (iSCSI target), the LUN is identified by default IQN for ZFS storage and presented over default storage interface.

Define iSCSI initiator and initiator group

In order to control access to a LUN, an iSCSI initiator has to be defined. Typically, a single initiator is given access to a LUN (to prevent possible data corruption), unless a LUN is for clustered systems. The iSCSI initiator is defining a host to ZFS storage, it contains host IQN, so now we need to register host IQN with ZFS storage.

Create LUN

There is QA project, a LUN is created there. Select previously created target and initiator groups.

Using LUN on OL7

Disable selinux

# systemctl start iscsid

The discover the LUN

# iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p [zfs-appliance] # iscsiadm -m node -p [zfs-appliance]

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