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Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment, Enterprise Edition, Version 2.4

What is this and why I need it?

SorageADE software is used for fault management of storage devices. It provides monitoring, notifications, diagnostics, reports, etc.

How to get it and install it?

The Sun download page is  here , find it under "S". The file name is  CDImage_2.4.12.009.tar.Z 

Unfortunately, there is no version for Intel platform, only for SPARC. 

It has two base packages and five optional localization packages:

1. SUNWstade is the base package containing all functions (using CLI) except web user interface (also get patch 117650)

2. SUNWstadm is the optional package that adds a web interface (also get patch 117654). 

3. Five localization packages: SUNWstafr, SUNWstaja, SUNWstako, SUNWstazh and SUNWstazt

What devices are supported?

Many of them (see the Sun document 819-0432-18), I am monitoring StorEdge 6120, 6130 and 3510, also some FC switches.

Any system requirements?

Yes, unfortunately it runs only on SPAR platform. You can install it on Solaris 8, 9 or 10 (check mentioned patches). 

Software you need are Perl, Java and SUNWsan. 

The SUNWstade package is installed in /opt/SUNWstade/ and log files and device information are in /var/opt/SUNWstade. It cannot be moved to other directory.

The SUNWstadm package is installed in the /usr/share/webconsole/storade directory and cannot be relocated to another directory.

How about installation?

# uncompress CDImage_2.4.12.009.tar.Z

# tar -xvf CDImage_2.4.12.009.tar

manually create directory ADE and untar file there. Usually untar creates new directory and place all files there, but not in this case (which is disappointing). 
Here untar creates all bunch of files/directories in current location. 

And finally start the installation. 

# ./install
Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment (Storage A.D.E.) installation ...
Current time: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 1:46:05 PM PDT

Note: A log will be saved to: /var/sadm/install/Storage_ADE/Install.log

This script installs the Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment software,
referred to as Storage A.D.E., for your storage system. Software components
included in this distribution include:

o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Enterprise Edition
o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Management Station UI

Please refer to the Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment 2.4 release
notes for the Enterprise Edition and Management Station UI before installing
this product.

Do you want to install ....

o The Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Enterprise Edition [y/n] : y
o The Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Management Station UI [y/n] : y

The Java Web Console is required by the Management Station UI and is
not currently installed. Version 2.2 will be automatically installed
by this program in order to satisfy this requirement.

You have selected to install the following:

o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Enterprise Edition
o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Management Station UI
o Java Web Console 2.2

Is this correct? [y/n] : y
If you don't like to monitor installation for any errors, you can go for a coffee since it takes 15 min (yes, on system like SunFire V120). At the end you hope to see below results.
To complete the configuration, point your browser to:
Please refer to the SUNWstadm release notes for additional
installation, configuration, and usage information.
Installation of <SUNWstadm> was successful.
SUNWstazt is already installed
SUNWstazh is already installed
SUNWstako is already installed
SUNWstaja is already installed
SUNWstafr is already installed
Installation successful
| You have installed the following:                                     |
|                                                                       |
| o Java Web Console 2.2 - Success                                      |
| o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Enterprise Edition - Success                   |
| o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Management Station UI - Success                |
|                                                                       |
| The UI can be accessed at the URL : https://<hostname>:6789/    	|
Finished at: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 2:04:56 PM PDT
Note: A log has been saved to: /var/sadm/install/Storage_ADE/Install.log
Check the log if you went for a coffee.
The command smpatch analyze tells you that you need to install previously mentioned patches.
117650-67 SUNWstade Support patch
117654-67 SUNWstadm Support patch
(and below ones if you speak these languages) 
118221-15 SUNWstafr Support Patch - French Language
118222-15 SUNWstaja Support Patch - Japanese Language
118223-15 SUNWstako Support Patch - Korean Language
118224-15 SUNWstazh Support Patch - Simplified Chinese Language
118225-15 SUNWstazt Support Patch - Traditional Chinese Language
Read installation instruction for patches. You will find out that you need the patch 119254-67 (SunOS 5.10: Install and Patch Utilities Patch) - yes, smpatch analyze also reported this one. Also this patch recommends reboot in order to completely fix specific issue (Note 7 of Install Instruction). Download patches: # smpatch download -i 117650-67 # smpatch download -i 117654-67 # smpatch download -i 119254-67 Install patches: # smpatch add -i 119254-67 Below two patch installation will take some time (like time for initial installation), as they really do lots of work comparing with installation of simple/small patch. # smpatch add -i 117650-67 # smpatch add -i 117654-67 The installation automatically adds cron job for the agent to run every 5 minutes.
# **** Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment ****
0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * /opt/SUNWstade/bin/rasagent -c >> /opt/SUNWstade/log/cron.log 2>&1
Processes that comes with ADE are:
# pgrep -l ras
  781 rasserv
 7749 rashttp
  778 rasserv
  787 rasserv
 1374 rasserv
13153 rasagent - run periodically 

# pgrep -l snmp
 2034 snmptrapd - run periodically 

How to use A.D.E

Update site information 

When you login on web interface, your first page will probably be Site Setup. But let's work here using CLI. 
/opt/SUNWstade/bin> ./ras_admin site_info_upd
Type 'q' to quit
Enter Company Name*             : Company
Enter Contract Number           :
Enter Site Name*                : Office name
Enter Address                   : 200 Street name
Enter Address 2                 :
Enter Mail Stop                 :
Enter City*                     : City name
Enter State                     : CA
Enter Zip Code                  : 94222
Enter Country*                  : US
Enter Primary Contact Name*     : Name
Enter Primary Telephone Number  :
Enter Primary Extension         :
Enter Primary Contact Email*    :
Discovering Devices I believe you want to manage devices out-of-band (hopefully you have management subnet). To discover supported devices use /etc/deviceIP.conf file (I didn't use search method). Three info are needed: IP, hostname and type (for devices that do not support SNMP, like 3510 and 6130). Example: 192.168.etc.etc drum 3510 # comment 192.168.etc.etc bond 6130 # comment
/opt/SUNWstade/bin> ./ras_admin discover_deviceIP
  Reading deviceIP:  drum    3510    # spare 3510
   Start Discover::fromIP on
  TO::3310::newFromDevice (SUN.3510.09cacc/ Error on getConfig,  
  sccli: selected se3000:// [SUN StorEdge 3510 SN#09CACC] sccli: a password is required
    - found 1 device(s)
    ->Could not retrieve Topology information for 
    Ensure password isn't set for this device or ensure correct password has been supplied under Device Passwords.
  Reading deviceIP:  bond    6130    # bond-a and bond-b
   Start Discover::fromIP on
    - found 1 device(s)
  Adding devices from deviceIP.local to configuration:
  adding device : bond/200400a0b817359a/ip=
As you can see, the 3510 has setup password, so I have to add it - see where to go on web interface. Now discovery works well.
/opt/SUNWstade/bin> ./ras_admin discover_deviceIP

  Reading deviceIP:  drum    3510    # spare 3510
   Start Discover::fromIP on
    - found 1 device(s)

  Reading deviceIP:  bond    6130    # bond-a and bond-b
    ->device already in configuration

  Adding devices from deviceIP.local to configuration:
  adding device : drum/206000c0ff09cacc/ip=
Notification Setup this so you can get email when something happens to devices. Default options should work for you, see example:
/opt/SUNWstade/bin> ./ras_admin email_add -e -s unixlab-1
SMTP server = unixlab-1
Entry  Email/Events                  Type       Device     Priority        Events    Active
------ ----------------------------- ---------- ---------- --------------- --------- -------
1            Email      All        Crit. & Above   All       Yes

See command's usage: 

Usage: ras_admin email_add -e email_address -c -t type list -l priority -s SMTP_server [-h]

-c is a list of components enclosed by "'s to send notification on.
   IE: -c "t3 switch"
   If no -c option is given, all device notifications will be sent.
-l is the priority of of alerts to be sent
   Valid options are:
   ALL, Major_and_above, Critical_and_above, Down, Critical, Major, Information
   IE: -l Major_and_above
   If no -l option is given, Critical and above emails will be sent
-t is the type of notification, email or pager.
   IE: -t pager
   If no -t option is given, email will be sent.
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