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The command smpatch

The smpatch is great toor for analyze/download/apply/remove Solaris patches (has so many features so check man page).
But in order to use it, you'll have to register with Sun (so ask your company to get Sun Online Account :)

I remember once, Sunsolve web site was kind of down and I couldn't get patches, but 'smpatch' worked fine and I didn't waste time waiting for Sunsolve site to start working.

Let's say you are using 'smpatch' without having a system registered with Sun. The outcome is below.

# smpatch analyze
Failure: Cannot connect to retrieve detectors.jar: This system is currently unregistered and is unable to retrieve patches from the Sun Update Connection. Please register your system using the Update Manager, /usr/bin/updatemanager or provide valid Sun Online Account(SOA) credentials.

So feel free to use my script and register the system with Sun.
Run the scipt: sh

Now enjoy 'smpatch' command. Below are some examples/tips, please check man page.
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