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SunVTS is Sun Validation Test Suite.

Why I need it

SunVTS (version 7.0 when I write this) is a h/w validation test suite for Solaris OS. It verifies funcionality of h/w and devices for Sparc and x86 architecture based systems. It is very good diagnostics tool to determine h/w health. You can test: CPU, RAM, Disk, Graphics, Media, IOports, Interconnects, NIC ... I guess even more.

Explain more about SunVTS

SunVTS consists of three layers: client, server and agent. See the pic and you'll understand it better.

SunVTS can run in three different modes.

Installing SunVTS

Download file, for example VTS7.0ps5_sparc_synglesystem.tar.Z and extract to get next dirs: SUNWvts, SUNWvtsmn, SUNWvtsr, SUNWvtstk and SUNWvtsts.
Easily install them with pkgadd -d . SUNWvts SUNWvtsmn SUNWvtsr SUNWvtstk SUNWvtsts

Verify installation
pkginfo |grep vts
system SUNWvts SunVTS Framework
system SUNWvtsmn SunVTS Man Pages
system SUNWvtsr SunVTS Framework (Root)
system SUNWvtstk SunVTS Toolkit Package
system SUNWvtsts SunVTS Core Installation Tests

How to use SunVTS

Here are some examples, but check great Sun docs for more

I use this script to run the test, please feel free to get and use it (and improve it also)

Thanks for great and amazing Sun documentation, sure I was using it for writing this info.

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