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StorEdge 6130 - setup the IP

There are three methods for adding the IP to SE 6130. 

1. Using DHCP to assign dynamic IP
2. Using Console connection
3. Using CAM 

I'll say more about 2 and 3. 

Using Console connection

Hopefully you are suing Cyclades console device so you can access array's console from your cube, something like console array-name
Yes you need this package and I will talk about this more somewhere alse. 
# pkginfo -l CSWconserver
   PKGINST:  CSWconserver
      NAME:  conserver - Client/Server console server software
  CATEGORY:  application
      ARCH:  sparc
   VERSION:  8.1.11
   BASEDIR:  /
    VENDOR: - packaged for CSW by Darin Perusich
    PSTAMP:  apollo20050405104659
  INSTDATE:  Sep 08 2008 10:42
    STATUS:  completely installed
     FILES:       29 installed pathnames
                  14 shared pathnames
                  15 directories
                   8 executables
                 766 blocks used (approx)
Connect to the array's console:
# console array-name

[Enter `^Ec?' for help]

Press within 5 seconds: < S > for Service Interface, < BREAK > for baud rate   

(My comment: Press S within 5 sec)

Current date: 10/10/08  time: 09:40:52

Enter Password to access Service Interface (60 sec timeout):

(My comment: default password is kra16wen - see Sun document 819-7497-11. 
             The doc is for StorageTek 6140 but applies here also)

 Service Interface Main Menu
 1) Display IP Configuration
 2) Change IP Configuration
 3) Reset Storage Array (SYMbol) Password
 Q) Quit Menu

    Enter Selection: 1

 Ethernet Port Configuration
Device Name         : gei0
IP Address          : 192.168.etc.etc.
Subnet Mask         :
Gateway IP Address  : 192.168.etc.1
IP acquired using   : STATIC
As you can see, with the option "2" you can change the IP. Using CAM The 6130 comes with default IP: Eth port 1 on controller A = Eth port 1 on controller B = So you can make temporary connection between array and host (where CAM is installed). Use crossover cable or isolated hub. Yes, you need additional interface on the host to be in 192.168.128.x subnet. Login to CAM web interface https://cam-host:6789 You need to register array, see page Go to Storage Systems - array-name - Physical Devices - Controllers and assign IP/gateway/netmask. Remove array from CAM, connect to new subnet, remove host's temporary IP from 192.168.128.x subnet and register array again. This should be everything you need to do. Hope it works.
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