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Oracle Linux or RHEL page


VirtualBox on OL7
Building Linux Kernel
Create hardware RAID5
RedHat Linux software RAID
RedHat Linux multipathing
RedHat LVM
RedHat SAN Add - LVM
RHEL5.8 kickstart network installation


Cobbler 2.6 installation and config on OL6
Cobbler 2.6 Users' Guide
BIOS PXE boot and installation via Cobbler
UEFI PXE boot and installation via Cobbler
Distro import into Cobbler
Using Terraform to manage Cobbler
Cobbler iPXE boot and install on iSCSI LUN
Automation: Cobbler iPXE boot/install on iSCSI LUN

389 Directory Server

Installation of 389 Directory Server
Sudo with 389 Directory Server
Automount with 389 Directory Server
SSH Key in 389 Directory Server

FreeIPA or IdM

Solaris as FreeIPA client
Automount and FreeIPA
Configure FreeIPA v4.4 client


Docker, first steps on OL8.2
Local Docker Registry


GIT - version control system
Add New File To Remote GitLab Repo
Edit File and Commit To Remote GitLab Repo
Pull Files From Remote GitLab Repo
Clone Project From Remote GitLab Repo
Start with GitLab branching

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